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Local Artists Announced for the 2025 Open Call Program

Murray Art Museum Albury

Murray Art Museum Albury have chosen the successful applicants for the 2025 Open Call program for local artists. Next year’s program will feature five artists presenting works in solo exhibitions.

Each year, through a competitive application process, artists are selected to hold an exhibition at MAMA, supported throughout the process by MAMA’s Curatorial team. The program is dedicated to presenting the work of artists from our region as well as artists from beyond the region whose work is locally significant.

 "The Open Call program remains integral to MAMA's artistic calendar, consistently showcasing a diverse range of exhibitions and approaches by local artists and beyond. It stands as a testament to our commitment to celebrating the creativity within our region, reinforcing its enduring significance in our annual artistic endeavours."

Nanette Orly, Senior Curator

In 2025, local artist Ashe will present This too shall pass, an installation that highlights the loss of human connection and intimacy experienced by the elderly in contemporary society.

Jessie Bullivant is an artist and occasional writer, making work with and about institutions and relationships. Their exhibition Spider will contain a series of wall drawings, primarily reflecting on projects that have not been exhibited in Australia.

Artist Glennys Briggs will present You Look But You Don't See Her, which gives voice to the resilience of First Nations women who lived along the border in missions and reserves under the Aboriginal Protectorate.

Albury based artist will present iatrogenic an experience-based exhibition where viewers interact with the physical exhibition digitally, exploring the intersection of personal and universal experiences.

And artist Opal will play with light and atmosphere to create an interactive environment of collectable goods, sentimental junk, and uncanny paintings. This exhibition will be supported with musical soundtrack produced by the artist.

The current 2024 program continues with upcoming exhibition of Mat Vaughan, Kelly Mugisha Ndayisaba and Nat Ward.


This too shall pass, 2023
Installation view (detail)
Foreground; Decommissioned haulage sling, chain, crane hooks, pigment inkjet print, museum glass, wooden frame
1125mm x 720mm (framed print)
Variable (haulage sling, chain)
Midground; Personal documents embedded in concrete, moving dolly, carton trolley
Background (on wall); MP4, iPad Mini (2nd gen.), power bank
Duration 00:02:27
Image by Rémi Chauvin

Jessie Bullivant

Material testing during residency at Foundation B.a.d. Rotterdam,
January 2024
chalk on chalkboard paint.
100 x 300cm

Glennys Briggs

Wiradjuri Woman, 2021
Screen-print on Paper
83 cmx 72cm

Travelodge-🛎, AD :2023
type: jpg
size: ~17MP


grossboy zine, 2023,
Murray Art Museum Albury
Image Jeremy Weihrauch