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Resolved: Journeys in Australian Design

Chris Harding
Pleat, designed 2009
Image courtesy of the artist

This major design exhibition showcased the winning entries from 12 Workshopped exhibitions held in Sydney. Workshopped has discovered, nurtured and launched the careers of some of the most exciting and talented designers.

Resolved: Journeys in Australian Design brought to life the stories that a completed product does not reveal - the false starts, re-starts, and triumphs big and small that designers encounter when they decide to design a product and bring it to market.

Getting from a quick sketch or a concept, partially rendered on a computer screen to a 'resolved' product takes more than design talent—it takes determination, ingenuity and a willingness to experiment with the possibility of failure. Resolved took visitors on the designer's journey, and allowed them to experience the process and act of design.

The many ways to define 'success' was explored: creative collaborations, sustainable design, contemporary objects with traditional cultural expressions, experimental use of material and manufacture, and innovative application of emerging technology.

Each of the 12 contemporary Australian designers had a very unique success story that has placed them at the leading edge of their field.