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Rex Dupain

Rex Dupain
'Blue Lips' Coney Island, 2014
Image courtesy of the Artist

No matter where you go in the world, summer is regarded as holiday season. Photographer Rex Dupain captured the essence of Summer as seen around the world in his first solo exhibition at MAMA.

Dupain contrasted familiar Australian images of Bondi Beach with the individual flavours of Brighton, Sorrento, Bay of Naples, Barcelona, and New York City.

'A great photograph reveals the innate beauty often undetected in places we take for granted. With not even a moment’s notice, something profound may be offered to the photographer. To be able to provide these moments to others in a way that enables them to see something they know, as if it was for the first time they saw it – this is what inspires me as an artist'
- Rex Dupain, 2016