Freya Jobbins: Arti-Facts

When: October 2020 - June 2021

Where: Wonder Cupboards, MAMA

Price: FREE

Freya Jobbins is a Sydney based, multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes assemblage, installation, video, collage and printmaking.

Freya’s work explores ideas of identity, reoccurring motifs and the concealment of one’s thoughts and feelings. The artist dissects familiar objects and them assembles them to create something entirely new, using a doll’s shoe as an eye-brow or a doll’s leg as a strand of hair. Freya states that she likes to “position familiar objects in an unfamiliar context."

In the exhibition, Arti-facts, Freya has created works specifically for the Wonder Cupboards. These works are all assemblages created from second-hand toys, all unwanted, discarded, abandoned and then replaced. Freya gives new life to these preloved and abandoned plastic dolls reimagining them into thought-provoking sculptures.

This little exhibition, in little spaces, are of the little things that we all love no matter what age we are. Tiny little detailed toys that are like little sculptures within themselves, just divine in detail and will be cultural artifacts in the future. We will all see (us adults that is) something here that will instantly let us time travel back and little ones will get a ‘history’ lesson.

All toys used in Freya's assemblages are secondhand, all of these toys were unwanted, discarded, abandoned and replaced. They have now been elevated into artworks.