Julia deVille: Theoria

When: Monday 4 December 2017 - Sunday 1 July 2018

Where: Peepholes, MAMA.

Price: FREE

Open up the small doors throughout MAMA to discover a new world featuring Orpheus the rat and Mini Antoinette the mouse.

While rodents are often seen as a pest that many of us could live without, for artist Julia deVille's, all animals are objects of beauty.

In Theoria Julia deVille asks us to spend a moment of contemplation. “I use death as a tool to accentuate life. If we can accept our mortality, we can in turn, appreciate the significance of life – not just our own but of all living things.”

Artist Julia deVille is a vegan and believes in the humane treatment of animals. Her love for animals has inspired her sculptural works that include taxidermy.