Event Name Nghadi Ngurang: My Home
Start Date 18 Oct 2018 10:00 am
End Date 25 Nov 2018 4:00 pm
Duration 38 days and 6 hours

Nghadi Ngurang: My Home is an exhibition of work created by students from Brocklesby Public School, Gerogery Public School, Jindera Public School, Table Top Public School, Tumbarumba Public School, Yerong Creek Public School and Wewak Street School who participated in the Nghadi Ngurang arts & language education program. Nghadi Ngurang is a successful partnership between MAMA, the Art Gallery of NSW and the NSW Department of Education's Arts Unit.

The exhibition forms part of the broader Nghadi Ngurang program that builds on the education resource Home produced by the Art Gallery of NSW.

Students have been encouraged to learn about nationally recognised Wiradjuri artists, as well as given opportunities to engage locally with arts, language & culture.

Some of the works in the exhibition are the result of a workshop with local artist Brendon Kennedy. Students created eel traps, weaving, and drawings inspired by the artists.

Nghadi Ngurang students also explored the works of Lorraine Connelly-Northey, Jonathan Jones and Tommy McRae, by exploring through the MAMA collection and the Home education resource. Students enjoyed a virtual tour of The Art Gallery of NSW and participated in a virtual workshop with Jonathan Jones. Wiradjuri language lessons were also held as part of the program, led by Ruth Davys and Dr Pettina Love.

Nghadi Ngurang will continue to be offered to interested schools in the Wiradjuri language area next year, hosted by MAMA in partnership with The Art Gallery of NSW and the NSW Department of Education's Arts Unit.