Event Name Sour Crude
Start Date 17 Dec 2015
End Date 24 Jan 2016
Duration 39 days

Sour Crude is eX de Medici's first solo show in three years.

It combines swirling, psychedelic colours and delicate brushstrokes - the legacy of the artist's acclaimed tattooing practice - to expose modern-day forces such as corruption, consumerism and corporate greed.

Oil, the slippery substance that fuels the cars we buy and the wars we fight,plays an unseen role in our lives. For eX de Medici, the Canberra-based artist who's spent the past three decades making impossibly intricate paintings that explore the power structures that hold us captive, it's also a metaphor for her newest body of work.

First shown at Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney Sour Crude forms part of MAMA's commercial gallery partnership that brings the most recent movements in contemporary art to Albury.

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