Event Name Susie Losch: New Old Stock
Start Date 2 May 2019 10:00 am
End Date 30 Jun 2019 4:00 pm
Duration 59 days and 6 hours

New Old Stock, a solo exhibition by Susie Losch, presents an ambitious and joyful collection of new sculptural forms.

A prolific maker, Losch is driven by the discovery of the unexpected, using plaster casting techniques to reveal hidden negative spaces of everyday objects. The process allows the artist to sculpt without inhibition and relinquish an element of control – allowing the underneath, the inside, indentations, and naturally occurring patterns to be captured.

Losch finds potential for new forms in everyday and discarded materials: kitchen vessels, baking equipment, Styrofoam packaging, fruit half pecked by her chickens. The results of her experiments are intricate textures, curves and undulations that Losch feels can’t be imitated by hand. Losch’s objects are then accentuated with coloured pigment and stacked, suspended or adorned with attachments, adding an element of assemblage and relegating any former potential to an existence as pure form, with only imagined uses.

Included within Losch’s exhibition is a recent addition to MAMA’s collection by the celebrated Australian artist, Hany Armanious. The major sculpture, Figure Eight is an ode to making - the efforts of artists, labourers, craftspeople and alchemists are conjured.

This inclusion brings into conversation two quite different artists, at differing life and career stages, one with new work and one with work drawn from the museum collection, but with a shared vision of material possibility.

Susie Losch will lead a workshop in June, sharing the joy of plaster casting in the MAMA Studio.

The exhibition opening celebration will take place on Thursday 2 May, in a joint opening with Linda Lees.