Event Name The Little People Project
Start Date 2 Oct 2015 10:00 am
End Date 20 Jan 2016 5:00 pm
Duration 110 days and 6 hours

Peep boxes

MAMA has been designed to allow for encounters with 'art by accident'.

Scattered throughout MAMA are four 'peepholes' or small cupboards strategically positioned in wall cavities about 50cm from the floor, inviting children to open the door and see mini-exhibitions designed just for them.

There is one peephole situated on the ramp leading in to the Collection Gallery, one at the lift well on the first floor and two more located along the 1st level corridor leading in to Gallery 6.

The peepholes are designed to attract the attention of and engage with children under 10 years. Each cavity is a little bigger than a shoe box with a locked Perspex front, each lights up when the door is opened.

While specifically designed for children, adults will love them too and are sure to be tempted to take a peek inside as they explore and experience MAMA.

Artist Slinkachu started making miniature street installations in 2006 when he was working at an advertising agency and wanted a creative project outside his day job. Slinkachu had the idea to leave miniature train set figures around London for people to discover, as a way of encouraging interaction with the city. When people think of urban art they often think of graffiti, but he hopes that his work will make you rethink what is possible, and perhaps inspire creativity, too.