Event Name Translating Wetlands: Nat Ward
Start Date 28 Jan 2016 10:00 am
End Date 28 Feb 2016 5:00 pm
Duration 31 days and 7 hours

The Murray River wetlands are the inspiration forthe large scale painting by Murray region artist Nat Ward.

Thelight on the water, creating patterns and nuances of colours, lines and shapesare intricacies and concepts that Nat translates through her works. Using oil in a playful, yet delicate way to makeworks that are layered and rhythmic, she draws the viewer into noticing finerdetails of our beautiful environment, whilst also enjoying a larger visceral experienceof the paintings as a whole.

Meet Nat Ward

Head and shoulder portrait of MAMA exhibiting artist Nat Ward

Artist: Nat Ward

When I immerse myself in nature I unlock a series of patterns and rhythms too intricate and deep for me to immediately comprehend. I am then inspired to interpret the environment through a process of deconstruction then reconstruction.

Shifting light and shapes with beautiful reflections of line and colour repeating over and over through adversity and adaption are my visual cues. Then as I work on this process, an overwhelming feeling descends of not being the first to discover this wonderful tapestry of nature. I sense and reference mosaics, textiles, hieroglyphics and even Asian script.

My love of the painting process is the medium I use to explore this journey. Randomness and order are challenged in both nature and my art by time and context which creates an unexpected, organic evolution of the finished work. Using layers of paint, playfulness of line and nuance of colour, my painting technique references back to the sensitivity and signatures of nature.

In this series, I want the viewer to be interested in my perception and representation of the wetland environment and then, when they return back to nature, notice new and interesting perspectives, as I do.