When: 29 November - 9 February

Where: ANZ Zauner Foyer & Paul Ramsay Galleries, MAMA.

Price: FREE

Pets is a celebration of the colourful, weird, cute, sometimes troubling, but ultimately loving relationships between pets and the humans that care for them.

Beginning in the foyer is the Pets Salo(o)n, a floor to ceiling menagerie of pet portraits painted and drawn by members of the local community. Cast your vote in the People's Choice Award to see who will take home the Best in Show.

In the main gallery you'll find an incomplete animal encyclopaedia drawn from the museum’s extensive collection of photographs, paintings, and sculptures with works from 1600's to 2019. Each work provides insight into how different artists have chosen to depict animals, and their relationship with humans.

A new series of photographic portraits by Nat Ord captures an intimate encounter between a human from the border region and one (or more) of their beloved animals. Local artist Astrid Bruning presents for the first time a body of 23 works, selected from a long running series dedicated to cats. Sydney-based artist David Capra presents Eau de Wet Dogge – a collaboration with his beloved Dachshund Teena. Online ephemera and a pet-inspired soundtrack add to the sprawling, pet-celebrating experience.