Sarah Goffman: Bridge to Asia

When: Friday 15 February - Sunday 26 May

Where: ANZ Zauner Foyer, MAMA

Price: FREE

A global citizen, avid traveller and cultural appreciator, artist Sarah Goffman has long dreamed of a bridge between Australia and South East Asia, a bridge across which we embrace our neighbours and trade the best of each others cultures. The detail, care, tradition and aesthetic of Asia, combined with the casualness, humour, and the landscape of Australia. Goffman manifests this dream in the form of a 13 metre bamboo bridge spanning the foyer above the installation.

Goffman is an artist with an abundant imagination, and a delight in the everyday details of our material existence. She has long been obsessed with plastic, a material so plentiful, so available, so varied, it has formed the foundation of her artistic practice over the last 20 years. Always alert to interesting pieces, she collects and waits for the perfect match, contrast, or story to take hold of each object.

Bridge to Asia contains hundreds of small sculptures, creatively repurposed from garbage. Each piece has been lovingly transformed by time and imagination into objects of delight. Objects that now belong in a museum. Or do they? Is it real? Or a simulation, a projection of a set of treasured artefacts?

Image: Bridge to Asia (detail) by Sarah Goffman at Murray Art Museum Albury 2019.

Like all simulations Bridge to Asia is both real and unreal. There are physical works - carefully collected, slowly crafted, thoughtfully arranged. And yet, the connections between the objects are intangible. A backstory, a moment of inspiration, a comment on culture, a deliberate attempt to replicate tradition, and even more deliberate attempts to buck tradition.

Goffman describes her work as 'like a game show', a projection of reality, her reality, manifested into physical objects seeking balance, harmony, beauty, longevity, acceptance, and ultimately, peace.

Sarah Goffman will be leading a workshop during April, please register your interest here.