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Stephanie Jakovac, Inga Hanover & Bec Bromley Humphries

Bec Bromley Humphries
Placenta, 2016
Paper and cotton thread
Image courtesy of the artist

A showcase of three dynamic local artists whom explored themes of childhood, communication, and the femininity.

Singing Over the Bones: The Wild Feminine in 1000 Alabaster Stitches was a body of work by Albury artist Bec Bromley Humphries. Fabric, paper and thousands of stitches created white organic forms and soft sculptures that call on the 'wild' and ancient aspects of womanhood.

These incredibly detailed works utilised traditional 'feminine' arts such as weaving and stitching, used in ways that created unusual, stirring pieces. Bromley Humphries explored the mystical feminine archetype, and reflected on the way we gradually build and repair ourselves after periods of challenge or change.

Communicate with Me by Stephanie Jakovac invited visitors to participate in the ancient art of handwriting. Reflected on communication in the digital age, this exhibition pondered whether a handwritten letter still holds significance. How did it feel to write and express by hand? How did it feel to receive a handwritten letter?

In this installation, Beechworth artist Inga Hanover explored the concept of home, our desire to create a home, and the experiences that led to a sense of home. She looked beneath the illusions of domestic stability and comfort, and revealed the disturbances and fractures that cab sit just beneath the surface.