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Talk: A Short History of Photography (Part 2)

Curator Michael Moran stands in front of photographs hanging in the MAMA Conservation & Collection Studio

From the earliest days of photography, the art world has been divided over whether photography could even be considered art at all. MAMA Curator Michael Moran will take you on a photographic journey through time, surveying the history of this controversial medium.

Discover key moments and milestones that made critics sit up and pay attention. See examples of how photography began to influence every other art medium, right up until the photography-saturated internet age.

In Part 2, Moran, maps varied developments of photography throughout the twentieth century, leading to the massive acceleration of image consumption in our contemporary world.

Over two sessions, we’ll aim to tackle the question – where does that leave photography now? And where is it headed in the future?

Join us for one or both sessions.

Michael Moran, Curator, Murray Art Museum Albury

Michael Moran is the Curator, Murray Art Museum Albury. With over 15 years’ experience in the field of contemporary art, he is committed to advancing challenging artistic practice by living artists and working within collections to expand on historical assessments of cultural value.

Michael has a longstanding academic interest in critical histories of photography and a focus on the contemporary evolution of the medium.

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