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The Joss Family Galleries at MAMA

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Murray Art Museum Albury

The Joss family of Albury has donated $200,000 to the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA).

MAMA Director Jacqui Hemsley welcomed the generous philanthropic donation and said "The Joss Family Galleries" would be home to MAMA's prized permanent collection.

"It's very apt that the Joss family, who are so committed to our community and such a part of the history of Albury, are now a major benefactor of MAMA," she said. "The two galleries named in their honour will house MAMA's permanent collection and will for ever be known as The Joss Family Galleries."

Ms Hemsley said the permanent collection was "a jewel of MAMA" and included more than 2400 paintings, works on paper, sculptures and paintings by leading 20th Century Australian painters including one-time Albury resident Russell Drysdale, Donald Friend, Charles Blackman, Mike Parr and Fred Williams.

The Joss Family Galleries will also present exhibitions from the extensive photographic collection of more than 600 pieces, including works by well-known photographers Max Dupain, Rosemary Laing and Tracey Moffatt.

"The old gallery did not have the room the feature the collection like this new building can," Ms Hemsley said.

 "Every major gallery showcases their collection and, through the generous support of the Joss family, we now have the privilege to do that as well.

Jacqui Hemsley, Director, Murray Art Museum Albury

"The Joss Family Galleries will showcase this wonderful collection in the manner it deserves. I thank the Joss family for their contribution to MAMA and to our community."

On behalf of the Joss family, Paul Joss said: "We think MAMA will be great for Albury because it complements the city's other cultural assets and demonstrates a diverse and progressive city."

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