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The Watched

The Watched
Murray Art Museum Albury, 2018
Image by Murray Art Museum

The Watched considered the impact of contemporary forms of surveillance on daily life. Curated by Alex Gawronski, The Watched presented work by Jasmin Guffond, Carla Cescon, Scott Donovan, Ronnie van Hout and Alex Gawronski.

Surveillance technologies are pervasive, whether we live in the city or country. Contemporary surveillance is often digital and therefore invisible taking the form of online computer tracking. Yet digital surveillance actually extends what Michel Foucault earlier noted in the architecture of the Panopticon - the tendency of individuals, under appropriate conditions, to regulate their behaviour as though being watched.

This exhibition approaches the ubiquity of modern surveillance from a variety of angles and moods. It includes predominantly new work as installation, architectonic sculpture, digital sound-art, documentary video and photography.