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Tristan Jalleh: Cloud City

A digital animated image of a cave with water in it. Between the holes of the cave sand and a sunset is visible.

Tristan Jalleh
Cloud City, 2019
Video still
Image courtesy of the artist

Tristan Jalleh created immersive virtual environments that placed everyday objects within imagined realms. Combining his own photographs with images sourced online, he created spaces that merged architectural, cinematic, and video game aesthetics into hyper-realities.

Cloud City was a meditation on the concept of the ‘cave’. A cave could relate to shelter, hibernation, refuge, the subconscious mind or deep time. Jalleh reflected on his own exploration of cave sites in South East Asia, which housed multi-storey temples, one of which was used as a temporary hospital shelter during the Vietnam war.

The repetitive nature of the work reflected the sense of days blending together either in the eternal darkness of a cave, or as a hardcore gamer. A feeling quite synonymous with the self-isolating lifestyles that we have become accustomed to.

View Cloud City online.