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Tyler Grace: The Chronic Diaries

Tyler Grace
Faceless, 2015
Metallic print face mounted on acrylic
Image courtesy of the artist

Exploring the emotions and experiences of being a chronically ill child, teenager, and adult, this visual chronicle followed the artistic maturing of emerging artist Tyler Grace.

A showcase of both the seen and the unseen impacts of chronic illness, this series was both beautiful and dark and took the viewer inside the often unbearable world experienced by the artist.

‘My images are my most important storytelling tool… I aim to create an emotional impact whilst making others consider things that they may not have experienced in their own life…however, I encourage viewers to find their own worlds inside my images, and attach their own meaning’.
Tyler Grace

Tyler Grace was a finalist in the National Photography Prize 2016 and was awarded the Susan Moorhead Memorial Prize in 2016’s MAMA Art Prize.