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Workshop: Ring Making with Maria Klingner

Maria Klingner - Earring Making.jpg Alt: A small hammer and anvil rest on a wooden table behind 7 copper and silver earrings each a different shape

Join artist and jeweller Maria Klingner in MAMA Studio for a day of ring making.

You will be guided through the design and fabrication techniques needed to create your very own unique three stacking silver bands.

Techniques for basic jewellery making fabrication will include:

  • shaping
  • annealing
  • soldering
  • polishing
  • finishing (hammered, texture and stamped).

At the end of the workshop you will leave with three of your very own unique finished pieces and a skill set that you can bring along to future workshops or enhance your own art and craft practice.

Students may experiment in copper (some make a copper ring first) and then incorporate these new skills into a sterling silver band.

All materials (copper and sterling silver) and specialised hand tools are provided for this workshop.

There will be naked flame work as part of the workshop, so students are recommended to wear natural fibres, closed shoes, and tie up long hair. Please avoid loose or flowing synthetic fabrics.

We look forward to spending a day in MAMA Studio with you!

Meet the Tutor: Maria Klingner

Maria Klingner sits at her workshop desk with her whippet dog by her side.

Maria combines extensive technical skills gained as a trade trained jeweller in the 1980’s with the artistic freedom discovered studying at the ANU School of Art in 2006.

Maria’s work reflects the relationships between jewellery and the human form. It investigates the dynamic connection between adornment, creative expression, daily rituals and embedded memory.

Objects made are to be worn and enjoyed uniting the maker, the wearer and the viewer.

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