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Year 12 Art Show 2016

Milla Reid
The Unfathomable Fragility and Uniqueness of Existence, 2016
Egg shell and gold paint
Image courtesy of the artist

The annual Year 12 Art Show celebrated the achievements of graduating student artists in Albury. The work in this exhibition is representative of the increasingly high standard of creativity shown by young artists involved. The students have worked hard to this point, researching and planning in a visual diary and creating their bodies of work. They had also undertaken their higher school certificate Visual Arts exam which included art criticism and art history short answers and essays.

For the artists involved, the exhibition was a chance to revisit their work outside of the classroom; for some it is the first opportunity to see their work displayed publicly as an object of value rather than as the result of an assessment task.

It was also a great opportunity for the artists to get a feeling for what it is like to be an exhibiting artist and see if they would like to pursue an artistic career.

This exhibition provided an opportunity for the community to view the diverse range of artworks produced by local students, and reflect on how each students’ art plays a valuable role in the development of their individual identities.

This exhibition also applauds the dedication and commitment of our local Visual Arts Teachers. For teachers and parents it is not only a time to celebrate the achievements of each student but a chance to acknowledge their contribution in the immense emotional, practical and financial support given to a Year 12 student in the midst of creating a major artwork for the HSC.

The Year 12 Art Show 2016 included work by students from the following secondary schools:

Albury High School
James Fallon High School
Murray High School
Scots School Albury
Saint Pauls College
Trinity Anglican College
Xavier High School