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Artist Talk: Cornélia Selover and Sharon McEachern

To celebrate the group exhibition Build your home, we have invited the artists to join us over two talk events. This first talk will feature artists Cornélia Selover and Sharon McEachern who are both based in North-East Victoria.

Cornélia and Sharon will participate in a guided Q&A with Museum staff as audiences gain a deeper understanding about the works on display, and the ideas and themes explored across each artist’s practice. This will be a great opportunity for audiences to hear directly from artists who produce their work locally, and reflect on approaches and ideas across there shared experience.

Open discussion is encouraged, so please come with questions for our artists!

Meet the Artists

Cornélia Selover

Cornélia is primarily a painter; also a clothing designer, sculptor, ceramicist, and musician. Her paintings are ambitious creations containing patterns and systems of reference that are simultaneously private, legible, deeply important to the artist, and under challenge in each work. These tensions play out in paintings that are generous yet guarded

Sharon McEachern

Sharon McEachern is a ceramicist who is dedicated to advancing the medium. Her unique forms are the result of years of study culminating in intense research under generational porcelain masters in Jingdezhen, China. Knowledge gained from this research is underscored by a keen interest in our native flora and birdlife, combining in works that speak to a multitude of places, times, and experiences.

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