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Artist Talk: Glenda Helen Mackay & Linda Lees

To celebrate the group exhibition Build your home, we have invited the artists to join us over two talk events. This second talk will feature artists Glenda Helen Mackay and Linda Lees who are mainly 3-dimensional makers of assemblages, ceramics and soft sculpture.

Glenda and Linda will participate in a guided Q&A with Museum staff as audiences gain a deeper understanding about the works on display, and the ideas and themes explored across each artist’s practice. This will be a great opportunity for audiences to hear directly from artists who produce their work locally, and reflect on approaches and ideas across there shared experience.

Open discussion is encouraged, so please come with questions for our artists!

Meet the Artists

Glenda Helen Mackay

Glenda Helen Mackay is a maker of assemblages, drawings, paintings, and soft sculptures. In each strand of her work, she applies a rigorous set of ideas and aesthetic considerations that often manifest as grids. This is a technique with strong precedent in conceptual practices of the mid-1960s to 70s. Within these works the grid is an organising principle from which to explore personal narratives and colonial relationships to land and Country, with a material sensibility that draws from the discarded materials of regional life and a history of antipodean collage.

Linda Lees

Linda Lees is also an artist with a wide focus. Lees works in photography, conceptually engaged community projects, and ceramics. The stoneware works from her Arcadia series set the material of rural environments in poetic pose – like small scale corrugated iron ballets. These beautifully made works sit alongside painted mounds, that condense the beauty of big sky sunsets into forms that recall the hills appearing where the great dividing range meets the plains.

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