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Drawing Studio


Once you have completed the Beginners Drawing course, our Studio Sessions will give you the opportunity to consolidate and extend your skills. Led by artist Robyn White, students will be led through a set of more advanced skills as a group, as well as individualised support over the 8 weeks.

Delve deeper into tonal values as you begin to work with colour as tones. Gain confidence in planning negative space, and learn to trust what you see, not what you think you see.

The studio sessions also allow you to discover a new range of materials and explore what suits you and your unique artstyle. Robyn will demonstrate how to mix media, and build layers into your composition to create a collage.

Areas that will be covered in the course include:

  • Creating balanced compositions
  • Explore different materials such as ink, pastels and charcoal
  • Life Drawing sessions with a live model.
  • Improve upon drawing upright at an easel.
  • Experimenting with mixed media

With these additional skills, you can move beyond simply having good bones in your drawing, to developing balanced compositions and create a more gestural drawing style.

Please make sure you check the current conditions of entry for the museum, as these will change over the coming months.

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