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Radical Book Club

Radical books and authors encourage readers to become aware of current societal challenges or inequalities and to contemplate alternative futures. The selected titles have inspired and encouraged movements for structural, cultural, or environmental change by highlighting and challenging conventions and norms embedded in society.

The Radical Book Club, now into its third year, provides an open platform for critical thinking and discussion around these themes on a monthly basis.

How to Join

Register online using the booking link and follow the prompts to secure your spot and select whether you would like to purchase a book bundle.

Pre-orders for book bundles (10 books, $250) will be taken up until Thursday, 14 December after which you will be required to source your own books independently.

2024 Session Dates:

Justice for Some (2020) by Noura Erakat
Wednesday, 14 February at 6pm

Orientalism (1978) by Edward W. Said
Wednesday, 13 March at 6pm

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents (2020) by Isabel Wilkerson
Wednesday, 10 April at 6pm

Capitalist Realism (2009) by Mark Fisher
Wednesday, 8 May at 6pm

Blockchain Chicken Farm (2020) by Xiaowei Wang
Wednesday, 12 June at 6pm

The Nerves and Their Endings (2022) by Jessica Gaitán Johannesson
Wednesday, 10 July at 6pm

Rivermouth (2023) by Alejandro Oliva
Wednesday, 14 August at 6pm

Personal Score: Sport, Culture, Identity (2023) by Ellen van Neerven
Wednesday, 11 September at 6pm

The Argonauts (2015) by Maggie Nelson
Wednesday, 9 October at 6pm

Cold Enough for Snow (2022) by Jessica Au
Wednesday, 13 November at 6pm

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