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Watercolours for Beginners

Enjoy an introduction to watercolour painting over four weeks. Be guided by our tutor on the foundational skills of watercolour, master the colour wheel, practice a variety of techniques and be encouraged to express your own creative ideas.

Gain confidence exploring different surfaces, materials and tools commonly used in watercolour and enjoy the spontaneity that comes with using this versatile medium.

Learn to use different paper, brushes, knives, scraping and splatter tools, salt, masking fluid and white gouache.

Term 3 Dates:
26 August - 16 September 2023


Bring your own materials or purchase a MAMA Materials Package tailored for this course. Packages may be purchased online, or through MAMA Store: (02) 6043 5800.

Cost: $210
2x Saunders Waterford 100% Cotton Watercolour Paper 300gsm
2x Taklon Round Brushes 10mm and 20mm
Holbein Artists Watercolour 15ml - Pyrrol Red
Holbein Artists Watercolour 15ml - Rose Madder
Holbein Artists Watercolour 15ml - Raw Sienna
Holbein Artists Watercolour 15ml - Burnt Sienna
Holbein Artists Watercolour 15ml - Permanent Yellow Lemon
Holbein Artists Watercolour 15ml - Permanent Yellow Deep
Holbein Artists Watercolour 15ml - Prussian Blue
Holbein Artists Watercolour 15ml - Ultramarine Deep
Holbein Artists Watercolour 15ml - Viridian Hue

Meet the Tutor: Robyn White

Tutor Robyn White smiling

Robyn White is a passionate visual artist and engaging arts tutor with over 25 years experience. Working across mediums in her own practice, Robyn loves to teach watercolour, drawing, mixed media and pastels.

As a tutor, Robyn is warm and empathetic, having experienced many of the challenges and frustrations that her students faced in the development of her own skills and knowledge. Robyn embraced art 30 years ago, after taking a break from her career in finance to raise her family. Having always had aptitude and appetite for art, Robyn built on her earlier talents for drawing and after 25 plus years, now has her own studio and fine art supplies business in Wodonga.

Robyn encourages students to build strong technical foundations upon which they can loosen control and let the materials work their magic on the page.

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