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Workshop: Block Printing with Cate Barlow

Cate Barlow_creating a block print in studio

Join Corowa creative Cate Barlow for a day learning the basic techniques of Block Printing. Cate will demonstrate & discuss different techniques for block printing on various materials (including fabric, paper & hard surfaces like walls) in the morning, while encouraging participants to begin creating some simple designs of their own for their printing project.

This will be followed by a very hands on session where participants will be guided by Cate from the beginning with making their own simple blocks if they chose (alternatively they are welcome to use Cate’s blocks), through to completion of their own printed project to take home.

Printing projects for the day will include the option of printing a cushion cover, tea towel, apron, pillowslip, or a fabric panel to use for making something unique at a later time. Participants are welcome to bring their own item to print if they would prefer.

All materials used on the day will be supplied as part of the cost of the workshop, and participants will come away not only with new skills, but also with a cotton tote bag to print on at a later time, containing Cate’s instruction sheets and the basic equipment required for creating unique printing blocks and continuing on with printing projects in the future.

This promises to be a fabulous day experiencing the great joy of hand printing.

Meet the Tutor: Cate Barlow

Cate Barlow_creating block print in studio

Cate Barlow lives near Corowa & enjoys a variety of creative pursuits including block printing. She has a Diploma in Interior Design, and has completed a course on block printing by Molly Mahon through Create Academy.

She has travelled to India where block printing is widely practiced, and finds the craft of block printing by skilled artisans as fascinating & inspiring as the results are beautiful. Although her trip to India was cut short due to Covid-

19, she hopes to return one day and immerse herself further into the world of block printing in Jaipur.

Cate runs her own small business called Textile & Twig which offers interior design services and hand made items through her online store, including her block printed products for home & family use.

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