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Acrylic Studio

Once you have completed the foundation Acrylic Painting course, our Studio Sessions will give you the opportunity to consolidate and extend your skills. Led by artist Alison Percy, students will be led through a set of more advanced skills as a group, as well as individualised support over the 8 weeks.

Continue your painting journey with gusto as you produce a number of new painting studies. Extend your colour mixing skills with three new colours added to your kit, and explore your individual expressive style of painting.

Alison will help you view the world with an artists eye, and teach you to capture the essence of what you see, and not get bogged down in details.

Areas that will be covered in the course include:

  • Concept and idea development
  • Extension of colour mixing using a limited palette
  • Exploring colour harmony
  • Colour temperature
  • Experimenting with techniques, from fluid to glazing to textural
  • Learning to really see
  • Following your feeling while painting

During the course, Alison will bring a range of her artworks giving added insight.

  • Selecting and preparing your painting surface
  • Colour mixing using a limited palette
  • Introduction to composition, colour and tone
  • Finding your subject matter
  • Capturing the essence of what you see
  • Understanding your tools: types of brushes, paints and supports

During the course, Alison will bring a range of her materials, painting tools and supports for added insight. You will be inspired to experiment, take risks, and not overthink the process.

Please make sure you check the current conditions of entry for the museum, as these will change over the coming months.


The Acrylics Materials Package #2 builds on the Acrylic Painting Materials Package #1. If you are entering the program directly at Level 2 (Studio Sessions), you will need the materials from both lists

Cost: $115
A3 Canvas Pad
3 round taklon brushes, 4mm, 8mm, and 14mm
A2 Tube Acrylics, 250 ml - Titanium White
A2 Tube Acrylics, 120 ml - Burnt Sienna
A2 Tube Acrylics, 120 ml - Dioxacine Purple Hue
A2 Tube Acrylics, 120 ml - Yellow Oxide

Meet the Tutor: Alison Percy

 Tutor Alison Percy in a linen shirt standing in front of a colourful acrylic landscape painting.

Alison's work reflects a fascination in the balance and sensitivity of fluid line inspired by natural forms across figurative, landscape and floral subjects. Imagery is formed using ink, charcoal, acrylic paint, soft pastel and watercolour onto canvas and paper. A quiet energy is felt during mark making, allowing the work to take on a layered and reflective journey. Intuitive use of fluid line and colour evokes an honest connection through the artist and onto the surface.

Alison's energetic and passionate nature is evident across her work. It reflects a delight in transforming observations, captured or remembered images into figurative, landscape or floral works. Alison produces paintings and drawings for exhibition, private sale and commission.

As a tutor, students are encouraged to relax and enjoy the journey - while exploring their individual style and learning to really see.

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