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Acrylic Painting Studio

Acrylic Painting Studio course will give you the opportunity to consolidate and extend your skills. Led by our tutor and artist, Courtney Young, students will be guided through more advanced skills as a group, as well as individual support over the 4 weeks.

Continue your painting journey with gusto as you produce a number of new painting studies. Extend your colour mixing skills with three new colours added to your kit, and explore your individual expressive style of painting.

Your tutor will help you view the world with an artists eye, and teach you to capture the essence of what you see, and not get bogged down in details.

Areas that will be covered in the course include:

  • Concept and idea development
  • Extension of colour mixing using a limited palette
  • Exploring colour harmony
  • Colour temperature
  • Experimenting with techniques, from fluid to glazing to textural
  • Following your feeling while painting


The Acrylics Materials Package #2 builds on the Acrylic Painting Materials Package #1. If you are entering the program directly at Level 2 (Studio Sessions), you will need the materials from both lists

Cost: $85
A3 Acrylic Pad 400gsm
Hog Bristle Brush - Round No. 6
Hog Bristle Brush - Filbert No. 10
Matisse Structure 75ml - Titanium White
Matisse Structure 75ml - Phthalo Blue
Matisse Structure 75ml - Yellow Light Hansa

Meet the tutor: Courtney Young

Courtney is an artist and regenerative farmer living on Bpangerang Country in Rutherglen, Victoria. She holds a Bachelor of Environments from the University of Melbourne and has a background in environmental restoration. Courtney’s art practice is centred around painting, and she has exhibited her work locally and across Australia. She currently shows through Beechworth Contemporary Art Gallery, Gallery Raye and AK Bellinger Gallery.

Courtney is interested in making work that challenges prevailing colonial approaches to understanding and perceiving the landscape. Through her place-based practice, she wants to question outdated wild/domestic, native/invasive dichotomies. Her paintings, both in acrylic and oil, often border abstraction and are grounded in a love of colour, texture and layering.

Courtney Young Website

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